YouTube Follow, Post & Repost – 17%

Please join the C2Legacy Community page to join any Ambassador Social Bounty campaign at TELEGRAM REWARDS COMMUNITY PAGE: Telegram Community:

Bounty Description:

In the YouTube task, Legacy Ambassadors Social Bounty hunters will be rewarded for crating positive and informative videos about C2Legacy C2L. Videos can be with or include interviews of friends and colleagues explaining the importance of passing legacy or endorsing C2Legacy C2L.

Available YouTube Bounty Rewards:

17 percent or 765,000 C2L

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Create 15, 30 sec to 1 minute videos about C2Legacy C2L. In order to be eligible for the reward, bounty hunters need to follow the official C2Legacy C2L Telegram and one of C2Legacy’s social media accounts.


At the end of the campaign, we will check how many views the video had and will reward its maker accordingly.

  • 50 - 500 views: 10 youtube_stakes;
  • 500 - 1000 views: 25 youtube_stakes
  • 1000 - 2500 views: 50 youtube_stakes
  • +2500 views: 100 youtube_stakes


We will distribute 4.5 million C2L in proportion to the amount of stakes each bounty campaign participant has earned in each category. For example, after counting all Twitter retweets, we will make a table where everyone who reposted will see their personal bounty stakes earned in the Twitter category. Since there is 12.5% dedicated to the Twitter category, those coins will be distributed between all members participating the bounty campaign according to the amount of stakes they have earned. Then we will continue to the Facebook category, then BTT Signature campaign, etc.

To summarize, the stakes earned in each campaign will NOT be pooled together but rather the coins in each category will be divided in each category separately.

Once all of the stakes are counted, you’ll get an email to confirm your stakes and account number. The allocated amounts of C2L will be distributed one - two weeks after C2L's SAFT.

Email, [email protected], if you have any questions regarding the bounty campaign or if you need assistance, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.