About C2Legacy

C2Legacy is a US blockchain based digital assets estate service launched with your legacy in mind.

C2Legacy's permissioned blockchain platform will also offer an open-source and personal services option, designed for digital asset estate and digital wealth planning. The C2Legacy Digital Asset Estate Management Platform will allow individuals and enterprises to create a private, secure and cost effective immutable ledger account creating “Certificate of Estates”. A decentralized network will use the United States Social Security Administration to verify “Proof of Death” providing a “Certificate of Death” which will safely distribute, transfer or reassign assets. C2Legacy’s privacy, usability and accessibility, positions them as a world leader in the digital asset management industry.

C2Legacy’s mission is to securely and privately transfer digital assets estates to heirs. C2Legacy’s vision is to be the premier service provider for digital assets and estate planning.

What Is Digital Legacy?

“What happens to my digital legacy when I die?”

is a subject with many touch points in today’s online world. Here are just some of the areas that C2Legacy can address in this topic:

  • What should you consider about your digital legacy today?
  • How much cryptocurrency wealth will be lost to death?
  • What are the business implications of death online?
  • How is technology changing the mourning process?
  • How do families deal with a digital legacy?
  • What are the policies of the online services?
  • Who owns your content after you’ve passed on?
  • What policies do online services have for digital legacy?

We’re creating money, business, personalities, online relationships, building friendships – independent of geography – out of a constant stream of ambient familiarity. 

This aim is at the heart of C2Legacy’s creation. The leading standard digital currency will be the one that solves problems and makes it as user friendly as possible. C2Legacy Proof of Death model provides immutable security while sing decentralization to verify and maintain a Global Legacy Ledger. Providing the highest security possible for the C2Legacy Platform network. Essentially this means the legacy of C2Legacy’s is secure.