You Create The Crypto Legacy, We Assure It Goes To Your Heirs. 

Digital Assets Estate Management Platform

C2Legacy is the first Digital Will platform on a blockchain that will securely and accurately validate the death of the legacy holder using global, digital and decentralized Death Certificates or digital US-based Death Certificates.  C2Legacy will enable the first Blockchain-based Death when our first legacy holder passes on. In addition, C2Legacy's immutable platform allows you to secure your crypto and digital assets by attaching heirs and after death smart contracts will privately transfer your digital legacy. C2Legacy brings you peace of mind knowing that your cryptocurrency will not die with you and you can take care of your loved ones after you're gone. 

Don't let your cryptocurrency die with you, decrease the burden of your death with C2Legacy.

C2Legacy digital assets management system allows comfortably planning for the future knowing your digital asset and estate plans will be safely sent to heirs through smart contracts designated by you. 

C2Legacy offers the protection of blockchain technology, using secure smart contracts, which safeguard and provide governance for our platform, ensuring the protection of your Digital Legacies well into the future.

C2Legacy offers the protection of a secure permissioned blockchain guarding and governing our platform, ensuring the protection of your Digital Legacies well into the future.

What is C2Legacy?

C2Legacy is the first Digital Will platform for managing digital assets estates on a blockchain that will securely and accurately validate the death of the legacy holder.

Who is C2Legacy for?

Cryptocurrency holders, Blockchain companies, Hedgefund companies, Estate Planning industries, online and social media based companies or anyone who wants to decrease the burden of passing on digital assets to their loved ones.   

Digital Asset Estate Validation

C2Legacy will create Blockchain-based Death Certificates that can be validated globally and not controlled by any one nation but by validation and acceptance by Autonomous Communities and DBVN’s.

C2Legacy C2L Token

C2Legacy soft services will allow users assistance with the setup and retrieval of cryptocurrency assets.  Also technology savvy/cryptocurrency savvy users will be able to integrate their wallets with the C2Legacy decentralized application and use proof of work through mining for C2Legacy, C2L tokens. 

C2Legacy Sustainability Plan

One of C2Legacy's long-term plans is to help conserve the cryptocurrency eco-system. In 2021 the LEMON project hopes to break ground introducing Clean Eco-Mining and GPU Centers to under-technologically served countries.

Milestones & Roadmap Timeline



Team Development, Platform Dashboard Outline, Whitepaper Draft


Whitepaper Outline Development and Start Of Marketing Campaign


Prototype Outline Development, UI/UX Website Development


Prototype Outline Development, Nasdaq Announcement, Whitepaper Feedback


US Only Private SAFT, Token and Smart Contract Complete Click-through Demo Complete and Prototype Feedback


Mobile App Dev, External Partnerships  

Q1-Q4 2019

Build Partnerships and Alliances


Fully functional web platform with decentralized blockchain integration.