C2L Team

C2Legacy Core Community

C2Legacy Development Team

CEO & Founder - Marie-Antoinette Tichler

Founder & CEO of C2Legacy is passionate about the ability to transfer digital assets estates to heirs. Past experience includes mobile app development, SMS strategy and youth technology education.

CTO - Barbara Jones

CTO of C2Legacy is driven by the security and privacy digital assets estates. Specialties include point of sale applications, 360Commerce/Oracle, Java, Android and Mobile Application Products.

Blockchain Advisor - Ade Kongi

A software development and consultant focused on blockchain , IOT and Subject Matter Experts, each with several years real world technology experience.

CXO - Latrelle Freeman

12+ years of progressively increasing IT experience particularly in the area of web and database design/programming.

Ui/Ux Director - Brandon Rowlett

A multi-disciplinary creative with strong analytical skills whose understanding of technology, psychology, and business generates user-experiences that exceed expectations for both internal and external clients.

Marketing Director - Bindu Chappelle

Over 10 years of experience in driving insights into the heart of all products, marketing and sales decisions. Proven track record of developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies.

C2Legacy Advisory Community

CLA - David Slomin

Obolus’ vision is to have ESTATEPASS.COM be the principal online service to simplify the process of closing a deceased person’s digital assets.

C2Legacy Legal Advisor - Austin Mills

Technology attorney with experience advising technology, blockchain/distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, payments, money transmission, e-commerce, banking, and other clients. Representative clients range from small start-up companies to large, multinational corporations.

C2Legacy Financial Advisor - Paddy Aturimi

Seasoned Executive leading the Finance transformation in large and complex organizations including Fortune 500. Executed multi million dollar projects which involved SAP at the core of the transformation.