You Create The Crypto Legacy, We Assure It Goes To Your Heirs. 

C2Legacy is a Digital Asset Estate Management Platform Protected With A Permission Based Blockchain Launching In America.

If you would like to learn more information about how our immutable blockchain platform can, bring you peace of mind knowing that your cryptocurrency will not die with you and you can take care of your loved ones after you're gone. 

Don't let your cryptocurrency die with you, decrease the burden of your death with C2Legacy.

Easy to use digital assets management system allows comfortably planing for the future knowing your digital asset and estate plans will be safely sent to heirs through smart contacts designated by you. 

Discrete decentralized ledger and immutable platform Legacy automatically transfers assets in most cases after death avoiding address probate courts, legal fees, bank fees and possible estate taxes.

C2Legacy's C2Loc -Legacy Oversight Consortium offers the protection of a permission blockchain guarding and governing C2Loc's open-source code, ensuring the protection of Digital Legacies well into the future.

What is C2Legacy?

A blockchain based digital assets estate planning service. 

Who is C2Legacy for?

Cryptocurrency holders, Blockchain companies, Hedgefund companies, Estate Planning industries, online and social media based companies or anyone who wants to decrease the burden of passing on digital assets to their loved ones.   

Digital Asset Estate Platform

Learn more about C2Legacy's easy to use Digital Assets Estate Platform services that privately, safely and securely transfer your digital estate to your heirs. C2Legacy seeks to decrease the burden of handling your estate on your loved ones.

C2Legacy Oversight Consortium - (C2Loc)

Learn more about C2Loc's immutable permission blockchain, guided by smart contracts and governed by the C2Legacy Oversight Consortium, as well as  encrypted, forged and  mined.

C2Legacy Sustainability Plan

Learn more about C2Legacy's long-term plan to help conserve the cryptocurrency eco-system. In 2021 LEMON project hopes break ground introducing Clean Eco-Mining and GPU Centers to under-technologically served counties.